Bring the studio home and create space to exercise anytime, anywhere.

Functional Exercise Bench [FXB]

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Functional fitness meets home furniture. The Functional Exercise Bench [FXB] allows you to make space for movement anywhere, anytime. Pick from two FXB finishes and 8 upholstered top colours, giving you 16 combinations to match your interior. 
Our packages come with 8 dumbbells, 2 kettlebells, 1 exercise mat, 1 activation band, 2 exercise sliders, 6 resistance bands, 2 handles, 2 wrist/ankle straps, 1 anchor point. Alternatively, purchase the FXB as is and store all your home equipment. Utilise the bench for pressing, rowing and stepping, along with anchor points in the storage dock for resistance bands and much more.
Handmade in the UK to order | FREE 7 - 14 day delivery | 30 day returns
Colour: Black
Material: Natural
Package: Light

Light package

Medium package

Heavy package

UK designed and made

Always made to order.

Designed, engineered, and made in the UK, and finished by craftsmen, the FXB comes ready to use.

Friendly materials

The FXB is made using birch. Birch is a responsibly harvested wood source from the abundant and fast-growing birch tree species.

We finish the FXB using Osmo Oil. Osmo offers a natural and environmentally friendly wood finish.


From what's inside to what's on top, you can decide. The FXB comes with a choice of light, medium, and heavy equipment packages. You can pick from two finishes, with the upholstery top available in a variety of colours.

We designed the FXB to match your interior, for bespoke projects contact

We don't like clutter either

All your equipment in one place, ready when you are.


Technical Specifications


Length: 45 inches

Width: 14 inches

Height: 18 inches


Bench 15kg


Functional Exercise Bench: Birch wood

Upholstered top: Vegan leather


Shipped assembled, ready to use

Universal Storage

All our weights fit universally in the storage dock with a centre compartment for all accessories

Match your interior

Pick a natural or white FXB finish along with eight coloured tops to choose from

Resistance band anchor

Carrying handle and anchor points for all your resistance band training

Professionally tested

The FXB meets industrial gym bench strength and durability standards along with commercial furniture regulations

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