Small group personal training

Receive the same attention to detail you'd get in a one-on-one session while working out alongside like-minded individuals.

"Insidesweat has helped me in so many ways" - Rich, Insidesweat Member

Our group sessions accommodate a maximum of six members, ensuring our coaches can offer personalised attention. Tailored workouts are designed for each member based on their individual needs. Members can benefit from the supportive environment and camaraderie of like-minded individuals in the group.

Why small group personal training

Expert coaching

A coach will guide you through an evaluation session to gain a deeper understanding of your goals. Following this, they will design a customised program tailored to suit your specific objectives.

Cost effective

Unlock the full benefits of one-on-one training in a cost-effective, comprehensive package—small group personal training stands as the future of personalised fitness.

Supportive community

Discover a wonderful sense of camaraderie in our small group sessions. The group's support adds an extra layer of motivation, ensuring you reap the full benefits of your fitness journey.


Take charge of your training schedule using the GlowFox app. With available slots throughout the day and week, you can discover a routine that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

"We all support each other" - Louise, insidesweat member

All your needs, available in one place

At insidesweat you'll receive unlimited sessions, monthly 1-2-1 reviews, nutritional advice and expert coaching. This comprehensive approach offers you a complete health and fitness package.

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