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Introducing the Functional Exercise Bench [FXB]


Accelerate your clients progress

With remote exercise on the rise it's imperative our clients are equipped with the necessary tools for the best home workout experience. As a fitness professional we want to give our clients the best resources when assigning certain programs, classes and movements. The FXB allows you to do just that.

FXB Benefits

  • Everything your clients need for the best home workout experience
  • Designed to seamlessly fit within any living space
  • Customise pad colour and wood finish
  • Clients can exercise any day, anytime in the comfort of their home
  • No more long commutes, save time to concentrate on training/programming your clients
  • Assign exercise programs remotely
  • Allow clients to follow circuits, HIIT, and Tabata sessions
  • Ideal for yoga flows, floor pilates, mobility, rehabilitation, and pre-habilitation programs

What's Included

  • 8 x dumbbells
  • 2 x kettlebells
  • 6 x resistance bends, 2 handles, 2 wrist/ankle straps, 1 anchor point.
  • 1 x exercise mat
  • 1 x activation band
  • 2 x exercise sliders
  • Utilise the bench for pressing, rowing and stepping, along with anchor point in the storage dock for resistance bands and much more.

Alternatively, purchase the FXB as is and store all your own home equipment.

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